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Seventh Son  - Orson Scott Card This is the first in Card's 'Alvin Maker' series.
It takes place in an alternate Colonial America (one where Washington got beheaded for treason). The 'alternate history' elements, however, are incidental - the story itself has to do with one young boy, Alvin Jr, who's a seventh son of a seventh son, and has unusual powers, even in a large family who don't think that 'supernatural' powers are that unusual. Alvin swears, at a very young age, not to use his power for evil or selfish reasons - but nonetheless, there seems to be some power bent on his destruction.
The book focuses more on moral and ethical dilemmas than on action - but it never failed to hold my interest. It also did a very good job of portraying religious people of varying beliefs without ever getting 'preachy' - although one might say that Card definitely says, here, that people can be good without being perfect, and that the righteous can also be mistaken.