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The Shadow of the Wind - Lucia Graves, Carlos Ruiz Zafón I got this book because I saw it recommended for fans of Arturo Perez-Reverte (which I am) - and that recommendation was right on the money.
Set in Barcelona, in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, the young son of a bookseller is taken to a secret library and allowed to select a book. The book is by an unknown author, Julian Carax. The boy, Daniel, feels compelled to seek out information on the brilliant author, who is rumored to have died under mysterious circumstances. But his search leads to more than a literary mystery, as someone is seeking out all the remaining copies of Carax' works, bent on destroying them all. A tale of forbidden love, violence and death emerges - and the life of Carax seems to strangely mirror Daniel's own.
The book walks that fine line between literary and sensational, and is thoroughly enjoyable. Unfortunately, it appears that at this time, none of Zafon's other books have been translated into English - I hope they get around to doing so soon!