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Shock II - Richard Matheson I got this short-story collection in my ebay lot when I had to pick up "I Am Legend" for my book club. Just got around to reading it.
I enjoyed the physical book itself... 1965 paperback marked "50 cents" – but in remarkably good condition. Sometimes old books are just fun!
The stories themselves, however, were a bit uneven, and some of them seemed rather dated and anti-climactic. Genre-wise, they're kind of in that twilight-zone area between horror and sci-fi.

* A Flourish of Strumpets
* Brother to the Machine
* No Such Thing as a Vampire
* Descent
* Deadline
* The Man Who Made the World
* Graveyard Shift [ The Faces ]
* The Likeness of Julie [as by Logan Swanson]
* Lazarus II
* Big Surprise [ What Was in the Box? ]
* Crickets
* Mute
* From Shadowed Places