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Silent to the Bone - E.L. Konigsburg Another book written for teens, but E.L. Konigsburg is just the sort of writer who drags you in and forces you to finish a book at one sitting. I got this because I heard it was a tie-in to 'The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place.' It sort of is - it takes place in the same town, but years later, and the story itself isn't connected at all.
It's sort-of a mystery. A teen boy, Connor, tells the story. His best friend, Branwell, finds himself psychologically unable to talk after an incident at his home. His baby half-sister was dropped on her head, and is comatose. The au pair nanny accuses Branwell of dropping her. It's kind of obvious to the reader that Branwell didn't mean any harm (and that the nanny is an awful person) - but why does Branwell find himself unable to speak up to defend himself? Connor must find a way of communicating with Branwell and unraveling the truth.