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Spook Country - William Gibson Gibson is a pretty consistently excellent writer - mostly because of his ability to take potentially mundane subjects and write about them in ways that make them seem fascinating, exotic - and "cyber!" Hollis Henry, a woman who is a minor celebrity in certain circles because she used to sing with a gothy indie-rock band, has been asked to write an article for a start-up magazine that aims to be 'the Belgian 'Wired''. on 'locative art' - a new form of digital, virtual reality installation art. However, something doesn't smell right. The magazine doesn't seem to exist. The mogul in charge doesn't really seem to interested in art - but wants information on any mentions of 'international shipping.' Meanwhile, a junkie who can translate Russian is being held captive by a man who may or may not be a private detective, a DEA agent - or a nutcase. And also meanwhile, a young member of a crime family (whose resemblance to Johnny Depp merits multiple mentions), is being instructed on a potentially dangerous mission. Spook Country is not a perfect book. Some elements would gain from a bit more background, to make them more believable. But overalls, it's clever, funny, interesting - and definitely hip.