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Steal the Dragon - Patricia Briggs This was the second book I'd read by Patricia Briggs, and while it was entertaining, I didn't find it to be as impressive as the other one I've read (Dragon Bones), which was definitely above-average. "Steal the Dragon" (not a related book, regardless of the word "Dragon" in the title) is a light, romantic fantasy adventure.
It's apparently "Book 2 of Sianim", which I wasn't aware of when I picked it up, but it works well enough as a stand-alone novel.
Rialla is an escaped slave, but (through a not-very-convincing plot device), she is convinced to go back to the land where she was enslaved, in the guise of a slave, in order to spy for her friend and hopefully prevent an assassination, and ultimately end slavery in the land (that bit's a lil bit of a stretch as to why and how this is supposed to happen, too).
Things go badly, violence occurs, and Rialla ends up back in the hands of her cruel (and now angry) old master - but also in the hands of the mysterious and powerful healer, Tris, who seems to care for her more than your average doctor ought to.