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Stepping From the Shadows - Patricia A. McKillip McKillip is one of my favorite authors - but if she had asked me (which, obviously, she wouldn't have) - I would have counseled her to NOT publish this book. It's not that it's badly written - it's that it's extremely obviously autobiographical, and does not portray the author in a flattering light. Reading it, I kept thinking "I don't need to know this!"
Basically, it's about how she had serious mental/social problems as a child and teenager, grew up scared of/attracted to men, and stayed a virgin for a ridiculously long time, as well as being ridiculously unsophisticated. This is couched in a semi-fantasy/metaphorical concept of being haunted by a "stag-man" who is a dream lover, but it's mostly not a fantasy.
I don't know. Some things don't need to be revealed/confessed to the world.