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Vampires: A Collection of Original Stories

Vampires - Jane Yolen 13 vampire tales, selected by Jane Yolen, whose work I generally love.
However, some of the stories here were too juvenile for me (the book is aimed at 10-12 yr. olds), and some were rather weak. Still, there was some good stuff included.
Delia Sherman's "Blood Kin" was spooky in a classic way: an orphan girl in a mansion has two distant relatives (?) come to care for her... but not all seems right.
"The Magic-Stealer" by Josepha Sherman creates a vivid and believable world where a young girl must come into her magical power and protect her tribe from evil.
"Miss Emily's Roses" by Mary Frances Zambreno describes a little girl's friendship with the woman next door, which is thwarted by that woman's nasty sister - but things don't turn out quite as expected.
Yolen's own "Mama Gone" is bittersweet and touching.

Worth reading, for a vampire fan, but I finished with a hunger for some more adult-oriented stories.