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Witchlight (Witchlight Series #2)

Witchlight - Marion Zimmer Bradley Winter Musgrave awakens one morning in a remote farmhouse, and realizes she has amnesia. She cannot remember exactly how long she's been living in the house or why she came there. She has vague memories of being a successful New York stockbroker, but doesn't know why she quit... until she begins to find dead, mutilated animals on her doorstep, and flashes of the horror she's endured come back to her. In the fear that she is causing occult phenomena unconsciously, she seeks out psychic researcher Truth Jourdemayne (who appeared in the previous novel of this series, Ghostlight) to help her, and she goes on a quest to unravel what happened to her, back when she was a member of an occult circle in college. What happened to her college boyfriend, with whom she was truly in love? Who is she, and what are her powers? Most importantly, what is the malevolent force that seems to be following her?

Not bad, but several aspects of the plot are a bit dubious, and the ending is a bit unbelievable.