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Dark Satanic

Dark Satanic - Marion Zimmer Bradley The first in Marion Zimmer Bradley's occult-thriller series, this book reminded me quite a lot of 'Rosemary's Baby'.
Jamie Melford is a book publisher who's about to come out with a new expose on the occult that's expected to be a best-seller. But the author of the book is getting threats - and then turns up dead - of a heart attack? Now Jaime is receiving threats as well. He refuses to be cowed by a bunch of kooks - but the warnings are getting more severe.

Meanwhile, Jaime's wife, Barbara, is in a rough spot, emotionally. Her mother-in-law has just brought Jaime's ex-girlfriend into the house on what seems to be becoming an extended visit. Barbara doesn't like her, and isn't comfortable with the situation, but doesn't want to seem petty or jealous by complaining. But both mother-in-law and girlfriend are becoming more and more hostile, and Barbara is beginning to feel like she's going insane.

Can anyone save Jaime and Barbara from the evil web that's being spun around them?